3 Steps to Turn Your Quirks Into Perks

“I just can’t do it” I’ve said it, you’ve said it, everyone’s said it at some point -or everyone will. Failure is a part of life, and we all face it, to different degrees.

Sometimes the cause is pure, unadulterated bad luck. Sometimes, well, the screen goes game over and you’re good for another try. Sometimes, it’s because you just can’t.

Example? I am severely near sighted. Without my contacts, I will fail at seeing clearly anything that’s further than 15 cm from my face. This is a weakness, the kind I cannot fix -even surgery is out of the question.

I also used to say “yes” too often, and it has lead me to multiple failures, from the inability to deliver a task on time to the inability to take care of myself, to letting the Batman plunder all my Nutella. This, was also a weakness (it did have negative consequences), I worked on it, and I learned to say ‘no’, re-establishing some balance in my life.

Question of the week: how can I face my weaknesses? What can I do with them?

Well… you can actually turn your quirks into perks…

Let me tell you what works for me.

1) Accepting that I can suck at things 

“Hi, ego, you’re about to get bruised right now and it’s for your own benefit. You cannot be good at everything, just listen to yourself play guitar. Seriously. Also, that eyesight, stop being sensitive about it, your eyes are part of you so get used to it. Bye!”

2) Identifying what to work on and what to let go 

“Hi ego, it’s me again. So, I’ve been thinking, you know that guitar thing? Drop it. Seriously. It’s eating up all your time and you have many other things to be creative with. Also, talking about time, you have a problem with punctuality. Unlike you failing at Stairway to Heaven, this is really having a negative impact on your life and it’s completely changeable, so work it out. Bye!”

3) Embracing what I can’t change 

“Ehr… ego? It’s me again, one last thing, about your eyes: you’re stuck with them, but it doesn’t mean you can’t go around the problem. At least you know your limits about it, and you know how to compensate for it. You’ve got a ton of more or less annoying unfixable weaknesses like this one, but don’t let them define you. Yes, they limit what you but hey, sharks cannot even walk but they kick seven kind of asses underwater. To each their element. 

Following these steps, I ended finding quirks of mine I was actually proud of, because they taught me to go beyond what I cannot do and led me to explore many alternative ways to go through life.

And you, can you find out a weakness, a quirk that actually can help you?

While you’re thinking of it, I’m going to kick that Batman. 
See you next week!


Danny Hefer

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