Work in Indonesia: New Immigration Rules in 2015 – Brace yourself.

Tantangan diterima. Hajar bleh.

Tantangan diterima. Hajar bleh.

If we are to believe the article at this address, starting March 2015, something is about to hit the fan full speed -and I doubt it will leave everyone happy. 

The Indonesian government, apparently responding to multiple loophole abuses which have been going on for decades in its immigration system, is planning to tighten its focus on foreign workers, partly via a new set of revisions to the requirement needed to obtain a work permit (IMTA via KITAS).

Would the revisions be enforced, applicant to new visa or visa renewals will be expected to provide the following:

  • A copy of their university degrees (minimum: 3 years degree)
  • A competence certificate for the applied position (from a previous work place, I heard from a lawyer friend that recommendation letters might work)
  • Success at an Indonesian language exam, which will be based upon the TOIFL test from Universitas Indonesia

If you’re currently holding (the hope of) a work permit, you then have until march to seek the required documents and hone your Indonesian language skills.

On the bright side, the application will be processed online, which will eliminate some practice which can actually get foreigners in serious trouble and speed up the process.

On the flip side, this news is susceptible to generate enough adrenalin in some readers to require a full year gym membership and a stock of real stiff liquors. I might sound snarky, but I do empathize.

I encourage you to spread the news wide and far, since it concerns more than 64000 registered foreign workers and a probably equally large amount of applicants seeking work in Indonesia.

Good luck!


Danny Hefer

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