Twisted Tales From the Somehow Dimension

So, there. I wrote a free ebook.

Yes, there is even a cover.  Get the full book here for free!

Yes, there is even a cover.

Get the full book here for free!

The result of Terry Pratchett having a nap while H.G Wells sneezes!
– Gandhi

Can’t be compared to even the greatest authors dead or alive. Like, at all. Really.
– J. Steinbeck

Wait a moment, I never said that!
– Gandhi

This little book thing is the compilation of my favorite stories from the Lemon. All of them are structured fiction, most of them are seven kind of crazy, and none of them were written while abusing substances (no, I mean it).
You can read them online on this site already if you want to know what is coming at you before downloading.

It took me two years or so, plus, you know, all this time learning English, since basically I’ve never set foot in an English speaking country. But here it is! You can get it here, now, and for the modal fee of absolutely nothing. It’s also released under the creative common license, because Cory Doctorrow is my role model.


Are you a local illustrator wanting to get your work featured?

The free version is, well, free. But another version, this time a paid one, will soon be published.
Why paid? Because I wish to, in the end, distribute a print version, and a pretty one.
50% of the revenue will be used to cover the printing costs, and the other 50% will be distributed amongst the illustrators I’ll feature there.
There is a lot of local (Balinese or from other areas of Indonesia), young artists who deserve more fame than they get now. I won’t just get them to draw pretty pictures, I will also display links to their profiles, folio, and everything they need to get better known.

Want to know when?

Here, just give me your email, and I’ll let you know as soon as something new happens (and yes your email is absolutely safe with me).

Want to drop me a line?

The Twisted Tales are still a work in progress until the illustrated version is published. If you have any feedback just let me know via the form below, and we’ll get in touch!

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Change log

05/02/15: Added a cover, corrected a font error in the water pump story and highlighted the clickable links.


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