Evolve your DNA with Quantum Spelling

After years of independent research, myself and my colleague Dr. H. Broccoli Cutnase have finally found the one little thing everyone can change in their life in order to exit the system, regain control, and achieve our most sought-after goals.

Academics have tried to ridicule us -to no avail, the truth is always stronger than people who say they’re right by virtue of having learned things. The media, ever kneeling before oligarchy and thought control, have ignored us. We are here, though, to expose the truth about their millennia-old lies.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 10.23.14 PMAbove: a millennia-old lie. 

We are spelling English words wrong.

Early in his life, Dr. H. Broccoli Cutnase discovered that those who dare spell words in their own, sacred, blessed way, are often ostracised. Worse yet: the more creative their spelling, the more ostracised they get, which is a proof that our modern society is brainwashed toward total uniformity, submission, and ultimately, towards the negation of personal expression.

For those who feel that our current society is nothing more than a tremendous machine, of which a privileged few want us to become the unknowing cogs, Dr. H. Broccoli Cutnase and myself have an answer…

…And this answer is Quantum Spelling.

Dr. H. Broccoli Cutnase’s research has recently gone through four major breakthrough:

Letters are only a belief system

Letters are attached to sounds in the same way trust is given to people. We only BELIEVE that the letter “I” will be translated to its vastly known (and equally wrong) corresponding phoneme (that is, the sound the letter “I” makes, what we believe it to make).

Letters and phonemes are quantically tangled

There are quantum vibrations emanating from the association of a letter and a given phoneme. These quantum vibrations have different qualities depending on the letters they are attached (entangled) to. The word “cat” for instance, will vibrate on a certain entanglement when it is written traditionally as “cat”, and on a completely different one if it is written “trussel”, but still pronounced as “cat”.

Scientist_By Marretao22 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Above: Dr. H. Broccoli Cutnase manipulating phonal entanglements.

Not all phonal entanglements are equal

The discovery of entangled phonal frequencies was, in the beginning, considered as a miracle and one of the most major scientific advances since the Higgs boson. But Dr. H. Broccoli Cutnase quickly discovered that, while some of these frequencies have beneficial effects, the opposite is also possible.

While positive frequencies penetrate the upper layers of our bodies and evolve our DNA in a way that has been proven (by Dr. H. Broccoli Cutnase and myself) to help weight loss, disrupt viral mitosis and negate the growth of malignant tumors… others, nefarious frequencies actually numb the part of our brain related to free thinking, agency, creativity and attraction!


Above: The apple on the right has been exposed to nefarious frequencies. 

Nefarious phonal entanglement is key to mass mind control!!

We have all been taught that the word ‘cat’ should always be pronounced as ‘cat’, and always written ‘c’, ‘a’, ‘t’ (equivalences in foreign languages are left as an exercise to the reader). Now, on to the horrifying truth: ‘cat’ written as such, and like 76.41% of the most common words in the English language, generates nefarious frequencies!

But why would so many words be detrimental to our mental health, when alternative, beneficial and, most of all, completely free-form spelling (that is, Quantum Spelling!) can even cure cancer?

Because those in power are using spelling to keep us under control! They want us to remain docile pawns in their grand schemes, and they know that we would become equally powerful if we could only think for ourselves and evade their system. If now, why would they invest so much effort in publishing dictionaries!

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 11.11.29 PM

Above: The real definition should be “Gateway to servitude”. 

Your first steps with Quantum Spelling, towards a better you.

Contrary to the teachings of so-called experts in linguistics, phonemics, and morphophonology, free-form spelling is the best and fastest way to achieve a better version of you by evolving your DNA!
Sadly, if nefarious entanglement are ridiculously effective on most of us, entanglements must be carefully chosen depending on the reader in order to be positive.

The’cat’ as ‘trussel’ entanglement, for instance, soothes my mood and relaxes me. But when it comes to you, it could simply do nothing at all, or worse, reveal itself nefarious!

Fortunately, Dr. H. Broccoli Cutnase has found a fool-proof method which will allow you to determine with a 1/10000 precision which entanglemant will deliver the best effect on your unique DNA.

This method, the H. Broccoli Cutnase method, takes very little training, and is wonderfully exposed in our book “Quantum Spelling”, available as a hard back copy on Amazon (99.99$, e-book available for 9.99$, a small price to pay for so much benefits!!!).


Above: We’ve put this one here, too, so you can see it’s really cheap. It is. Buy it. We’re starving. 

To conclude, I will leave you with my favorite proverb, written in Quantum Spelling (“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on the system”).

My life has changed for the better just by reading it aloud (don’t do that though, you don’t want to accidentally become more of a pawn!):

“Brananagh ternette yül, banbandoru netri ternette, brananagh ternette goutttu, banbandodru netri fla krankeu!”

Take action starting now, evolve your DNA! change your life for the best, order and receive a free Dr. H. Broccoli Cutnase t-shirt.


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