5 Really Neat Ways To Get Eggs

I've been trying to egg a lot, and finally I managed to, but only a bit.

A Year Ago, I Was Technically Homeless – 9 Things That Kept Me Going.

A year is a long time. You never really know what can happen. When what happens sucks, though, there are little bits of motivation...
Might or might not represent a beard.

A History Lesson From Year 30xx

We can laugh at Zeus' golden showers now, but how will mythology be seen in a thousand years?

Twisted Tales From the Somehow Dimension

A free e-book to download for free because I love you. Perfect for the beach, bathroom, or anywhere because it's free.
Source: Bottledlifefilm.com 
Yes, some people still give credits to other's photos.

“Internet Sucks at Journalism” Says Nestle’s CEO Peter Brabeck

Did he really say that? There is a lot of things he might have said, and, agree or disagree, the Internet owes new reporting...
Credits. Because.

Why Deleting A Porcelain Dog is Always Tough.

I see many things as a Facebook group admin, but nothing hits me harder than those damn porcelain dogs.

6 reasons why you fail at being happy

Pictured: 6 pounds of repressed hatred. (source) If decades happened like office parties, they’d be full of people you don’t really want to mingle...

A taste of Saint Melies

“You must be new here”, the gruff man told me.I’d been sitting at the bar for the best of an hours, with no one...

5 ways smiling is very much like sex

Yesterday, the memory of a chain email I received years ago came back to me for no apparent reason. The message was all about...

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